Sunday, October 24, 2010


Champagne last night.
The 23rd annual Napa Valley Wine & Chocolate Fundraiser today.

What I should have is some really gorgeous artsy-fartsy photos of chocolate and whatnot, but all I can offer you is this craptastic photo.

Seems my photo taking skillz left somewhere after that glass of Bad Boy Red.

(Now there's a photo for you. And yes, I took a pour just based on the label. But it was also the best thing I tasted all day. Although that late harvest cab was pretty damn great. As was that rose brut champagne. Oh and then there was that...
just kiddin'.)

The real reason for going was because the Napa Valley Youth Symphony was performing, and MyFavoriteKid just started with the entry level Wind Sinfonia. We went to see the performance and to support the fundraiser.

Not because I'm a lush.
(I actually ate more chocolate than I drank wine probably anyhow)


Karen said...

Oh hell! I want to drink a whole bottle of that Bad Boy Red. (And I'm very unpredictable on red wine.)