Monday, October 25, 2010


I am having a super-good time letting my fingers play with my knitting needles and yarn tonight, so I'm going to do more of that and less typing.

I am totally jones-ing to start a blanket (just a small one, lap size-ish, for curling up with on the couch), and I have already wound the yarn (remember the big balls question?). I am forcing myself to finish up a languishing project first, though. It has been stuck on the needles forever. It is a big, squishy, and super simple grey vest. I knit the first two-thirds of it early this year, and it's been sitting in my knitting bag ever since. Silly. Now I need the needle cable it is on to do the blanket, and I just know that if I take that needle out of the vest-in-progress, the danged vest will never get done.

So knitting the vest, I am, I am. I hope I am done with it tomorrow. Then...
blanket here I come!
Perfect for the upcoming weather. Rain is in the forecast again.

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Gretchen said...

You know, you don't need a cable needle to do cables. That would mean you could just start with the blankie...