Tuesday, October 26, 2010

still clickin', still clackin'

The knitting wins again. I am just a couple of rows and two short seams away from a wearing a new vest, and its' getting awfully chilly here once the sun goes down. I didn't have much knitting time today because Tuesdays are when I do the convalescent home circuit followed by the trip up-valley so MyFavoriteKid can go to youth symphony rehearsals. Tuesdays are crazypants.

Once I finish the vest I also need to squeak out a super-fast somethin' somethin' that will be part of my Halloween costume. More on that soon.

THEN the blanket.

Gretchen writes in the comments:
You know, you don't need a cable needle to do cables. That would mean you could just start with the blankie...

Yes, so true. But I didn't mean a cable needle (sorry--in my haste I probably wasn't clear!). What I mean is that I am knitting the vest using KnitPicks interchangeable circular needles, and I've been using my only super long 60" cable/cord, so that I can try the thing on easily without throwing it on waste yarn. It's that cable that I need (which maybe I could have called a cord instead) for knitting the blanket, because the blanket is going to be done in one big piece ;-)

So back I go to knitting.