Tuesday, November 09, 2010


I am punchy, discontent for no reason I can find, and feeling unsettled.

I am starting to wonder if it is because the weather is unsettled.

Recently it got cold enough to pull out the sweaters from the bottoms of drawers, and then last week I was back in shorts and tank tops and we had to sleep with all the windows open just to be comfortable. Now, here it is just a few days later, it's cold and rainy...and last night we had our first frost warning!

I am knitting this blanket in some yummy wool right now. I am up-sizing it from a lap-sized throw into a blanket that is big enough to cover an adult (that adult being me) who might be curled up on the couch watching the rain come down.

On another note, I have to re-post TheMostImportantGuy's comment from yesterday's post here for you (partially because he rarely comments, but mostly because it totally cracked me up):

TheMIG said...

Upcoming beer predictions:
- Ho Lake Pilsner
- Belgian Skank Lager
- Slut Blonde Ale
- Stout Feminist

And Rachel, I'd drink it, too.
In fact, I think next time I see it, I'm just gonna have to pick some up ;-)


The Bon said...

I've heard it's really good and although not funny, I believe it's named after a place name. In Idaho, in the Tetons. Google tells me it's good for fly fishing and white water rafting. Now how THAT place got its name I don't know, but I'd totally love to.

Sorry you're unsettled feeling.

Rachael Herron said...

Hope your trip today to verb was settling! Good to see you! I had to confirm with theBon that it was you -- I had it, but didn't want to blow it if I'd gotten it wrong.... (I hate it when I do that.)