Friday, November 05, 2010

well, poo.

Tired and cranky and just about to put myself to bed, when I realize I did not post today.

The big thing going on over here today was an emergency run to the Pet Hospital an hour south of me that has the reptile specialist The gecko is behaving oddly. Not eating (it's been a couple of weeks now, which is a long time) and not responsive in familiar ways. Just as I had suspected, his wee little nostrils are plugged up due to a shed or two that didn't come off easily. His nostrils kinda look like when a three year-old is all boogered up, if you know what I mean.

This is our second trip to the vet. We did something like this a few months ago (too tired to find the link to that post, sorry), but it was his eyes that were infected, not the nostrils.

He had his wee little nostrils catheterized to clear them out, plus he has drops that go into his nostrils twice daily, and also in his eyes (the eyes and the nostrils are somehow connected...the vet explained that it is sort of like how us humans get runny noses when we cry). So drops twice daily that keep it moist, help with swelling, and also clear up any infection. Plus I am soaking him a couple of times a day just for extra moisture and love. Plus the vet gave him something to stimulate his appetite. Except he still aint eating.

So that wasn't all of my day, but it's the worry that is contributing to my crankiness, to be sure.

Now, sleep.

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~Donna~ said...

Poor little critter! Hope things are better today in Casa Amputeehee.