Thursday, November 04, 2010

other things did take place....

...and no, this is not a baseball post, just a quick line of text to say that San Francisco officials looked at aerial shots of the Giant's festivities yesterday and estimate that close to 1,000,000 people were in attendance. I am sooo glad I did not try to make my way through crowds that large, but I do have a little tear in my eye when I think about missing the experience.

The end. No more baseball. How about something fuzzy.

I spun my way through the last game of the series.

Funky Carolina
's 75% Bluefaced Leicester / 25% silk combed top, colorway "Cabbage Leaf"; spun on miniSpinner, short-forward, traditional 3-ply, about 150 yds, 12 wpi/sport

It's not a color I normally wear, but I am thinking that some day I might be making something like this...

...or some other project that makes good use of lots of random handspuns, and I'm thinking it be a nice contrast to the colors that are in my normal palette.


Mouse said...

That first photo confused me so.. I couldn't figure out WHO that photo was of and I thought that for some reason I *should* know. I feel silly and obviously need to go to bed. That sweater is cute though... I like the crazy buttons.

MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Actually, that 1st photo wasn't supposed to be was supposed to only appear at the END of the post. I just fixed it. oops.

~Donna~ said...

gorgeous yarn. Looks like you got that electric spinner down.

Do you want any more fiber? I've got some I can't use (some of which you gave me). Just can't handle all the flying woolly fumes and bits that happen when I try to hand spin. :(