Wednesday, November 03, 2010

oh iiiiiii... love a parade...!

I know this is not a baseball blog (but then again, what kind of blog is this, exactly?), and I swear the baseball posts are coming to a close. I'm using the blog to slowly ween myself as we head into the baseball-less depths of winter. Besides. How can not blog about baseball when today was the ticker tape parade!!!!!!!!

I almost went. I was almost there. Almost. I totally offered MyFavoriteKid a day of hookie from school to go, too (and he would not have been the only kid there, I guarantee you).

This has never happened in San Francisco before, and the last time it happened to the Giants was when they were still in New York, and that's been what...52 years?? As far as I'm concerned, going to the parade with MyFK would have counted as a history lesson, and Wednesdays are a minimum day with short classes anyhow, so he wasn't going to miss much (the words of an enabler, to be sure).

I have been a Giants fan ever since I started getting into baseball when I was 17 (good god, that's 25 years ago--gaaah!). I have had season passes a few times, and I was a faithful fan San Francisco Giants fan even when I lived in Oakland A's territory and was wearing the "wrong colors".

Anyhow, I was tooootally going to go the parade!! And then MyFK said he didn't want to miss school today (??!!). Apparently today was a special activity day, not a regular school day, and he didn't want to miss the fun. Poo!! I almost went anyhow. I was even in a coffee shop this morning and saw a guy and his kids who were on their way. I almost followed them.

The smarter part of my brain is so glad I didn't. I am watching on the television right now, and public transportation has been a nightmare they are saying. The thought there'd be 100 thousand people or so showing up, and now they are estimating 250 thousand are there between the venue and just lining the streets. One of the train stations is closed because it is overflowing, and lost of streets are closed, too. If I was there in my wheelchair, all I'd have is a butt-view.

(Ask me how I know. I had a butt-view at the Folsom fair....but that wasn't so bad because I was butt level with guys in chaps and no pants LOL. Giants fans are more about butt crack and farts though! .....and I cannot believe I am telling you this LOL)

But seriously (butt seriously??), LOOK AT THE CROWDS!

So the parade at present, is winding around the streets of downtown San Francisco, and the fans are going bezerk. So are the players actually.

Hey, look! It's crazypants Brian Wilson, whom I fashioned my fake beard after.

I welled up with tears when I saw Kruk & Kuip (two of our local radio/sports announcers).

I love our announcers. They are so knowledgeable, and they really know the Giants inside and out, but they also have no problem at all saying, "that strike he threw was one fat pitch," when it comes out of the hands of the pitcher on the team we are playing against. I love them soooo much, and I hated the Fox newscasters (and I do mean hate, and it takes a lot for me to be a hater) soooo much that that I even streamed the KNBR guys on my iPad and sync'd it with the television. Best $5 I have ever spent on an app. EVER.

Ok, I am watching the parade on tv right now and typing this at the same time (and knitting in between), so I could prattle on about this forever and take more screen shots, but I know that most of you either don't care, or are AT the friggin' parade. LOL

So I'm outta here.

One last cheer outta me:
Re peat! Re peat! Re peat!

(let's do it again next year!!!!!!!!)


Kathy said...

Sorry you weren't able to get the parade. When the Red Sox won in 2004, I didn't go to the parade because I knew it would be crowded and crazy (people were wading into the Charles River as the amphibious vehicles with the players sailed by). But I really regretted not having gone. So, when they won in 2007, my older son and I took the day off and went to the parade. It wasn't as crazy as 2004. The college kids we stood near made room to let my son stand in front of them and everyone was very happy. Next time the Giants win, go!!