Friday, December 03, 2010


Woke up this morning, wanted to throw on some yoga pants, and realized they were in the clothes dryer. I went and turned on the machine for a couple minutes because hey, what's better than putting on warm clothes from the dryer on a cold, dark morning?

So I get dressed and start breakfast for MyFavoriteKid, and see MrDarcy jumping into the open door of the clothes dryer.

Awwww! How cute! He's gonna cuddle up in the warm.....hey....hey! Thats isn't curling up....he is peeing INSIDE the dryer...ON my clothes!!! AS$#@%& !!!!!!!!!

I chased him around with a squirt bottle until I cornered him, shoved his face in the clothes he had started to marinate, and locked him in the bathroom that conatins his litter box for a good half an hour.



I went to the doctor right after redoing the laundry. I dont have bronchitis or pneumonia. Yay. But was offered the extra-strength cough syrup and was advised for the first time in my life that my blood pressure was a little high. I'll keep an eye on it. But I blame the cat.

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(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Wow. That's a new one.

painting with fire said...

What a stinker! His identical twin who lives with me (thousands of miles from you)has pulled some similarly obnoxious stunts - good thing they're cute....

Dani said...

Aiee, no kidding your blood pressure would be high! On hearing that story, my boyfriend and I feel slightly better about our cat peeing on the bed. While we were in it. (At least it wasn't *my* feet, youknowhatI'msayin?)
Warm thought for no reoffenses.