Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I'm sure you guys don't come here for screen shots of my teevee, but sometimes I see something so stupid, I just have to share it.

From tonight's evening news and a report about the rise of accidents cause by laser pointers:

"Shining a lazer at an aircraft may seem like a harmless prank...but even a weak laser like this one...can cause a blindness. Lasers can even cause permanent eye damage....."

(which she then flashes several times at the camera, making my eyeballs scream)

She then goes on to report how the incidents have increased, and how serious it is, and while she is doing so, they are showing a clip of someone actually pointing one AT and airplane.

And it aint no youtube's like, a professional shot.

And so who took THAT???!

I don't know why I find stuff like this so odd and stoopid and funny.
But I do.


not supergirl said...

Funny, after reading this, I was left thinking, "Duh!" and was about to comment the same... then I caught the post title. Well, duh. :O