Thursday, January 20, 2011

maybe it's the dog that needs to evolve

New little dog has mostly been doing okay. She still has some potty training issues, which I am not tickled about at all but I am willing to work with, but if she thinks she is gonna make in at home in this house here with me???
She had better not pull this crap again:

Ooooo, I am soooo pissed I have to show it twice.

That is (was) a cake of Twisted Fiber Arts "Yummy". I believe the base is new to the dye artist, as I don't even see it available on her website yet, but it's that ever popular Superwash Merino/Cashmere/Nylon (80/10/10) that's been going around. This is a custom club colorway called "Dazzle" and it was dyed in the "Evolution" design. I've used the evolutions style yarn before on the Mara shawl, and also on a Clapotis. Oh yah, and also on a very silly hat.

I love knitting with the evolutions yarn. It's quite addictive to knit through the color changes.
I love watching the colors change AS THEY COME OFF THE BALL.


I am happy to report that at least the yarn does not appear to be chewed through. And if it was, at least I know how to pull of a pretty clean looking Russian-join now. But this was a pretty substantial cake, and I don't believe my ball winder can handle rewinding all of it, which really irks me (once again, AmpuTeeHee wishes she had a jumbo ball winder).

I guess I'll just wind by hand and bury the color changes into the center of the ball. Maybe as I knit and the colors come off the ball, it will be like a whole new surprise again.
Or so I keep telling myself.


Lorena said...

Oi. Ouch. I feel your pain...!