Friday, January 21, 2011

fridays here are fun

Here we go! Round Three.

Last week there were 6 entries for the monster hand towels. The random number generator chose #6, "suenapse". Please shoot me an email (see sidebar) and let me know where to send them! Enjoy!

Up for grabs this week is the Elizabeth Zimmerman book , "Knitter's Almanac: Projects for Each Month of the Year".

the original version, not the commemorative edition ;-)

I have most of EZ's books, but this is the one I've been flipping through for months now. I'm not too shy to say it's the bathroom book of choice right now LOL. It's also the book I quoted from on New Year's Eve, and it's also the book that had me believing that maybe I really need to just cover myself in knitting (knitted leggings at least, to be precise---that would be EZ's "Nethergarments" which you will find in September's chapter).

I'm guessing a lot of you may have this book already, but I had to add it to the mix because I just love it so. If you'd like to enter the drawing, just leave a comment. Or if you feel like commenting about the book (or whatever else is on your mind) but don't want to be entered, leave a comment anyhow and just let me know that ;-)

I draw at 12-noon on Thursdays, and on Fridays I announce the winner when I post the next item up for grabs.
Have fun!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not entering in the drawing (already have this book) but I just wanted to wax poetic about this one...

So many cute projects. There are several that have been on the to knit list for awhile.

Leslie said...

I love what you're doing for the Friday contests. How lucky your "pretend" cyber friends are to receive such interesting prizes. Also a great way for you to destash some fun items. Happy knitting!

The Bon said...

I somehow don't own a copy of this book. I hope you're feeling less crabby, I miss you.

Anonymous said...

Bathroom book of choice? That's all the recommendation I need. I'm in!!

Love, Karen TDL

Anonymous said...

hi- no entry but it is a lovely book. Cute patterns and EZ commentary sprinkled throughout. suenapse

Unknown said...

No entry because I have and love this book. I've made the February baby sweater and I'm hoping to make some Christmas fiddle faddle and the big shawl.

thestashattacked said...

I really love your blog in general, and I really want a copy of this book! ;)