Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Guest blog by TheMIG's cat "Tad"

I love the wet food, I hate the dry food.

More wet food please. Yes I see the dry food pile... And your point is....?

I will now eat all the dry food and leave the wet food untouched. Throw it away, yes. More of that last type of dry food please.

Where is the wet food? I shall not touch this dry food until I first have some wet food!

I am parched. I glance at the water dish near the food. Of course I have never touched it... How could I drink from that foul thing? Itturn away. There now isanother water dishnear the door which appeared recently. FEH! I am not fooled. I shall walk as usual out to the kitchen to drink from the glass humans use , which they always leave out for me.

Mrrroowwwl... Mmrrowwwl... I call mournfully for no reason while stalking the small glass of water on the floor.

mmmmm... Yes, this water is good. Not atall like that swill in those containers of inferiorshapenear the food.

I retire to the loft area to wait for the stinky man-human to come provide warmth.


Maggie said...

Tad and MinervaCat are certainly related.

Minerva looks at the food dish: "That's NOT what I ordered!" despite the fact that it's demonstrably the only flavor of catfood she will eat at all.

~Donna~ said...

What is it with the MEOWing for no reason?

Must be a cat thing.

The Bon said...

We finally broke down and bought Pica and Bob their own glasses, no more water bowls here.