Wednesday, January 05, 2011

super fun, but super lame

The kids are still out of school this week, so I took MyFavoriteKid and his buddy to The Exploratorium today (it's free on the first Wednesday of the month, too--woot!). I suspected they would want to ditch me straight away (and they did), but I had planned for that. I brought my camera to experiment and take some fun and interesting photos!

Photo #1: playing with a self-portrait of my reflection in a big shiny silver ball.

Photo #2: Wait. There IS no photo number two. Why. Why?? Because I didn't charge the friggin' camera battery, THAT'S WHY.

So with my plans blown, I sat down and started a sock. Thank god I had planned for that at least. I was able to eek out onnnnne last photo before the battery entirely crapped out.

Taken from my little perch on a wooden bench where I sat, knit, sipped tea (look, I planned for that too), nibbled, and people watched.

My people watching was partly about watching people watch me. The bench I was sitting on wast stationed between a bunch of exhibits, and several little kids (non-maliciously of course) approached me as if I was the interactive "One-Legged Lady Demonstrates How to Knit" exhibit.


Lorena said...

"the interactive "One-Legged Lady Demonstrates How to Knit" exhibit:

-- I totally just snarfed my coffee.

Julie R. said...

We have so many funny stories about kids who are completely baffled by my son's prosthesis. One little boy asked him a few questions about it and then said, "So, is that your real foot, then?"

Bwah ha ha ha ha!!!!