Friday, February 04, 2011

mixin' it up this friday

Quick health update: Maybe MyFavoriteKid didn't have food poisoning after all? Or if it was food poisoning, maybe it wasn't chicken strips. Because I got it, too. And I didn't eat chicken strips. I started feeling ill yesterday afternoon. First I got the trots, then I tossed my cookies at dance class last night, and again when I got home. Awesome, eh? If it's a virus, neither one of us have any other symptoms. No fever or anything. And we barely ate the same foods. I can only think of mandarin oranges and cherry tomatoes. Well, and I did have 3 of MyFK's french fries that he got with those strips.
Who knows.

Freebie Friday!
Thanks to the random number generator, last week's freebie goes to Lorena (all that hand waving to the number generator must have worked LOL)!! It sure seems like I have your mailing address somewhere, my dear...but can you email it to me anyhow? I'll send out your tea! Enjoy!
Also, my (public) apologies to suenapse. I did not catch that she had in fact emailed her address to me, but that I had just failed to check the spam filter. Doh! I didn't manage to get to the post office on Thursday as planned (home with barfing kid), but will go next week for sure. Sorry for the delay!

Bibliogrrl, you also asked about recommendations for other teas. My suggestion is that you just taste and taste and taste, and make notes! It's amazing how different our palates can be! I would suggest you find a good coffee and/or tea shop that both brews and sells tea. Go often and try a cup of this or that, and then buy what you like from them! Ask them questions--they love it. I love so many different kinds of tea, but I'm a big fan of green teas (from the grassy flavors like sencha to the flowery jasmines). I also like Genmai Cha, which is a blend of green tea and toasted rice, if you can believe it. I also really enjoy Oolongs, which are their own beast. I have a special clay teapot that I use just for oolongs. Lastly, I really adore teas that are blended with fruits or herbs and spices. Some of my favorites come from SBS Teas (who also makes some fabulously flavored herbal tisanes) and also The Tea Haus, which I discovered through a yarn and tea club (another great way to find great new teas).

More gifts will be given away next Friday, so please do come back for that, but this week I am spoiling myself by taking a break because.....

today is my birthday :-)

This photo was taken June 1968 (so I was 16 months old).
That's my Nana I am sitting with (my mom's mom's mom).
What makes this photo so special today is that my Nana and I shared the same birthday :-)

Nana was also knitter ;-)

I know. Enough with the emoticons already.

Hey, look at the card I got last night from KarenTheDancingLurker:

It's a button that I can wear (I LOVE IT), and check out sistah there rockin' the crochet sweater, will yah?

I also got a very funny post on Facebook first thing this morning from Carol:

"Happy birthday to you,
You wear only one shoe.
You're sweet, smart and funny,
Happy birthday, honey!
(And man-ee MORRRRRE)"

Totally made my morning!!

Especially since MyFavoriteKid didn't make or get me a card again this year, nor did his dad help him in making that a reality...even though TheEX gave me a card from himself (like, hellooooooooo....why not just have MyFK sign it too, you dipshit??).

I'm headed out of town this morning. TheMostImportantGuy's band is playing down in L.A. Saturday night, and he booked us a nice hotel near the venue for the weekend, so off we go.
And although I do feel a bit better today, and took in water last last night without tossing it up, I am stil packing a barf bag for the drive ;-)


Mouse said...


Carol said...

OMG -- I made it on the blog! You made MY day. xoxoxoxoox P.S. Next year, I'll make up a dirty limerick for you.

~Donna~ said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend. :)

idyllicchick said...

Happy happy happy birthday!

bibliogrrl said...

Holy crap! Happy birthday!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

Anonymous said...

Well- Happy Birthday! Hope the GI thing has run its course enough for you to enjoy some kind of birthday treat besides Pepto :) suenapse

Lorena said...

I am doing the happy-tea-winning-booty-shake-dance, followed immediately by the make-a-friend-laugh-for-her-birthday-booty-shimmy-shake! Can you see it? It's awesome! :throws in a little hand jive action: AND IT'S ALL FOR YOU, BABY! Happy late birthday, I hope that nobody gets sick and you have many smiles and that you feel the love we all send you all the time!

Kathy said...

Happy Birthday! Feel better.

Natalie Servant said...

Happy belated birthday!

=Tamar said...

I hope the whatever it was is all over now. My guess is you're right and it was the French Fries.

Kerry said...

Happy, happy belated birthday to you!!! I can't believe I'm so far behind on my blog reading. Hope all is well! I'm looking forward to getting back to my regular haunts. I've missed ya!