Saturday, March 26, 2011

snaps on saturday

Cruising the lighting section of the salvage shop for inspiration.

Didn't buy anything, but it sure was fun looking. Really reminded me that I view lighting as part of the decor and as an art form, not just a utilitarian way to get out of darkness.

Also went to the zen center this morning for the first Saturday in AGES, had breakfast meeting with the co-dance teacher about shaking things up in class and going new directions. Got to play with some fiber in a spinning class, and even sit and knit with a friend for awhile at the table at the yarn shop (you lurker, you).

Pretty nice day, all in all :-)

Tomorrow we meet for a "round two" with one of the contractors so they can pitch their proposal.


thestashattacked said...

Oh wow. Some of those light fixtures are pretty fantastic. Sounds like you're having a pretty fantastic weekend!