Thursday, March 17, 2011

stuff + math = life ..?

Clearly I have not learned the required life lesson, because once again, I find myself saying the same thing:

I have all of these little problems, each of them manageable....but when you put them all together, it's unmanageable.

I cannot for the life of me figure out when I stopped being able to add things up and get a total. It's really just basic math.

1 arm injury (plus 1 for the pain, and 1 more for my emotional fear around losing the use my dominant hand)
1 teenager (plus 1 for the worst report card he's ever received, plus 1 for the time it is taking me to meet with teachers)
1 for sadness I have over losing on of "my seniors" at the convalescent hospital this week
1 gecko who had to go the emergency vet today because he is bleeding out of his mouth
1 chihuahua who is testing me a like a toddler with her potty training
1 (well, I'm sure it's more like 17) for the new house issues
1 (which should also should count as way more than 1) for icky-doody communication issues with TheMostImportantGuy

I'm sure that one of the reasons why I fail to add them all together is because I am also failing to mention them to people, including myself sometimes (have you seen me writing about all of these?? I haven't). So there must be an element of denial mixed in here. There's probably even a few more things I am not listing.

Taken individually, they all seem like things I can work on, and they do not feel overwhelming, they just feel like things that need to dealt with (and I even feel confident that I am capable and qualified to deal with them). Put them all together and I feel like an incompetent fool that has no idea what she is doing....and I'm not sure how I manage to leap to that.