Wednesday, March 30, 2011

working vacation, apparently

Another (almost full) day spent dealing with NewHouse stuff either in the house or running around for the house.

Plus a phone call from the teacher/chaperone who is in D.C. with MyFavoriteKid: calling to ask permission to administer Tylenol because he is running a fever and had to rest on the tour bus during one of the events because he looked so crappy.

Skipped zen center practice tonight in lieu of dinner with TheMostImportantGuy so I could download meeting notes from the heating/air conditioning guy, the pool guy, the electrician, one of the contractors, the realtor who is helping with compliancy issues on the rear unit.


At least we did it over a full bottle of wine (because it just so turns out that Wednesday nights at the pasta place are 50% off wine nights).