Tuesday, March 29, 2011

not even close

I thought today was going to feel like the first day of mini-vacation.

Not. Even. Close.

At 3:45 am MyFavoriteKid, who was on a red-eye flight to D.C. texts me to tell me that he landed safely at 6:45 am. His time. I can't get back to sleep, because now I'm tossing and turning about the new house.

I was to have two commitments today:
1) a 10am meeting with one of the four remaining contractors who is working on a proposal for remodeling the in-law unit. He wants to take a second look at the place, this time with his business partner who didn't make the first walk-through.
2) a 5pm meeting at the office of one of the other four contractors so he could pitch his proposal

Let me tell you that I swung by the new house this morning at 8am just to check on the place, and was going to take myself out to breakfast, and knit and read until my 10am meeting. I got stuck at the house from 8AM UNTIL 2:30PM, because there turned out to be an assload of people there doing various odd jobs, and they were all there at the same time, and they all had questions. The electrician wanted to go over some stuff about lights he is installing. The HandyGuy that is rebuilding the shed the pool equipment is housed in went over a few things with me. Another guy was there to haul away the hot tub that is beyond repair, and he had a couple of things to go over. The tree guy showed up prepping to do his work now that the weather is dry. The pool guy showed up to replace the broken filter system. Somewhere in there the contractor showed up at 10am, but his partner who missed the walk-through the first time still couldn't be there at 10am, so he wanted to come at 1pm.

And somewhere in there I just threw my hands in the air and ordered pizza for all of them.

I got home well after 3pm, but that was only after remembering that I had dropped the dogs off at the doggy daycare place and had to go back and get them (yes, I know doggy daycare can be a little silly, but on Tuesdays we are not home all day long and the dogs dont get walked, so I stuck to the routine. Anyhow I went back to get them. Got home. Found that I still needed to make a couple of calls to people about the house, and then had to turn right back around to make that 5pm meeting that was 45 minutes away.

After the meeting, TheMostImportantGuy and I grabbed a bite to eat so we could talk over the proposal, at which point TheMIG wondered if it's a mistake that we are focusing on the in-law unit first and not the main house more, which kinda blows my mind, because we've invested ohhhhhh, what 6 or 8 weeks trying to sort out who's going to renovate the in-law unit for us...? (and even though it's a very valid point and/or question, it's kind of making my mind melt).

And so I get home tonight after dinner (after stopping by the new house on the way home again just to make sure all the guys locked up and to pop on some lights), and I make it home just after 9pm.

With not a stitch knit, and not a page read.
And I'd really like to flop in bed and knit and watch a dvd that I've seen a million times so I can feel all sentimental and happy...but the dvd player in the bedroom is broken. :-D

Tomorrow I think all I have is a 10am with the heating and air guy. And I have to stop by the realtor's office to pick up a document I need to prove the rear unit does in fact exist so we can rent it. Even though we now may are considering to not remodel it.

**hysterical laughter**

I'm hoping to at least swing by the zen center tomorrow night. Practice not thinking.


Unknown said...

Not that I get a vote, but I say get the rental unit done first because it has to be 100% finished before you can rent it out. You can live in the house while still doing some of the work on it. Plus, the rental income will pay for some of the work you're doing on the house. You can even start renting out the unit before moving in yourself.

not supergirl said...

I'm with Jen Anderson above. Income property comes first. But then again, I've not always done what I thought might be smartest. Sometimes I do what I want more, like eating dessert first on occasion. And I'm not the boss of you. So, you know, do whatever makes sense to you and the MIG.