Tuesday, April 26, 2011

best / worst

worst: Hearing that my dad had some medical tests done yesterday and that today the doctor's office called to make an appointment for him in oncology. For Thursday. Eep.

best: TheMostImportantGuy texting me to tell me that he'd just been promoted to the position of Vice President of Operations. Raise included. (but it's his title that makes me school-girl giggly)

Nice mixed bag, eh?


~Donna~ said...

Cranking up the mojo to send good vibes to your Dad.

YAY for the MIG - Congrats!!

Maggie said...

Light to your Dad for speedy high-quality treatment and easy return to normal good health. Light to the MIG for speedy adjustment to the new position. Light to you for dancing in the amazing balance of life well lived.

painting with fire said...

Quite a roller coaster day! Hoping things aren't too dire for your father and congrats to the MIG.