Friday, April 15, 2011


Fridays. I usually love them, and I loving them even more than usual when I was giving goodies away. I have many more goodies in the pile yet to be given, actually....but I haven't done the FreebieFriday thing in awhile because I am still behind on the last few giveaways.

I have a few packages that should have gone out weeks ago that have yet to be mailed (I'm sorry kids, and I'm not just sorry, I'm a bit ashamed, too). I honestly have not had a spare moment to get inside of a post office.

There are also two drawings that I never drew for and announced winners (how lame is that).

My grand plan was to catch myself up today, but clearly, I did not. Today I was scheduled to meet with inspector so the permit for the heating system could be signed off, and then I also dealt with the gas/electric guy coming out to look at the metering system for the rear unit. Neither of those were on my to-do list until 9am this morning. I thought the inspection would be next week, and I didn't know the power company was going to have to come by at all.

What I did have on my to-do list today was to drive by a few homes to check out their exterior paint jobs, as they were "the references" given to me by one of the painters who has bid on painting our interior (why he couldn't just give me a few names and phone numbers or show me a few photos, I will never know).

Tomorrow I am going to sit the one-day retreat at the zen center, but Sunday the plan is that I have some freedom (oh please, oh please), and I will take care of catching up this freebie-business then.
You can hold me to it ;-)

For now: G'night.


Jodie said...

You probably already know this, but thought I'd mention it anyway. You can have the postman pick up your packages. All you need is one package to be priority, and the rest will be picked up at your door. You buy the postage online and set up the pick up.

I never seem to be able to get to the post office and this has saved me many a time. Hope it helps. :)

Karen said...

As one of your winners, let me please tell you that your lack of postal ability has saved me a tremendous (and I mean tremendous) amount of stress. I promised I would learn how to spin by St. Patrick's Day but I never said what year! :)

Hey--I bet those kitchen towels are really cute (hint, hint).

Karen said...

P.S. I was once in my local post office and the woman had to take out a calculator to figure out how much to charge me for 100 one cent stamps. I kept saying "it's a dollar" and she kept shushing me and complaining that my constant interrupting was making her screw up the calculator. It took every bit of self control I've ever mustered not to pay her in pennies.