Saturday, April 16, 2011

snaps on saturday

One of the many fun/interesting/odd things found on the property of the new house.

This was found by our handyman. There is a huge barn-like storage shed/workshop in the rear of the property. It's huge. Left inside is a huge and heavy workshop table that has a ton of little apothecary style drawers, and the handyman found this rubber stamp inside. Green ink around the edges.

I think I mentioned this before, but someone at the historical society told us that in the mid 50's-70's the house was owned by an orthodontist who had a daughter with a disability, and he put the swimming pool in for her therapy.

I have a hunch this is related ;-)
Although I'm not quite sure why there'd be a rubber stamp in the house!


Lorena said...

... and if you put that up for a Friday Freebie, I am *totally* putting my name in the hat for that one.

Karen said...

Lorena, I will be happy to fight you for it! Maybe, if we're very good, we can get Bonnie to stamp something with it and send it to us.

Lorena said...

Oooo, good idea, Karen! I'm down with that! But... what? Because I come from the Land of Dark Humor... so I'm seeing a bunch of "birthday" or "get well" cards with that stamped on the back. Hee. HAI I'M TWELVE!

jodi said...

Oh my gosh is that really what it stamps? LOVE.

Hah, my verification word is "creeph". I typed the "h" as a "y" three times from habit.