Sunday, April 03, 2011

big stack o' papers

I know I am not taking very good care of the blog here, but we are ever so close to figuring out what we're doing with the rear unit and who is going to be doing it for us (hallelujah)....and that is where all of my time is going.

We spent a huge portion of the weekend having the last of our meetings with contractors that are bidding on the in-law unit, and then laying out all the bids and contracts and comparing them and weighing out all of the other pros and cons not related to money....because there are many. We went from six bids to four, then four to three, then down to two...and by tonight I think we have nailed it. We have a couple of final clarifying questions, but it sure looks to me like we are ready to head into a contract.

So. Close.

TheMostImportantGuy and I did spend quite a bit of time at the new place this weekend. We had a couple of nice morning mediation practices, but mostly we cleaned. TheMIG worked on vacuuming up the layer of dust coating the entire interior of the house; it was left behind by the electrician who didn't do very well in the "dust containment" department. While he did that, I borrowed my mom's power washer and I did a deep clean of the patio tiles, especially working on the area where the old broken down dilapidated jacuzzi had once lived. We moved the patio furniture from my house over to the new house, too....because we just don't use it here. I think we've sat in it twice in two years. Together TheMIG and I planted a miniature wysteria tree into a huge pot-on-wheels to set out on the deck, and we also planted some strawberry towers. Small things, and none of what we did got us any closer to living in the place....but it still felt good.

One of the things that we both notice every time we are there is how "clear" the property feels. It's sort of like this empty but full, all but none, clear but reflective, sort of feeling. Not quite sure how to describe it. But I like it. If I am there and feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work I can see still needing to be done, it's like I can spend a moment or two being, or even just looking outside, and it's like hitting the cosmic reset button or something. And then I'm back at pleasantly neutral.

Sorry again for the blog being so blah and for being behind on the freebie stuff.
Sheesh. Maybe I should bring the laptop to the new place, and blog there! Heh.


Maggie said...

Doesn't sound 'blah' to me.

Meditating in the otherwise empty new-to-you house? Cleaning and then installing patio chairs and a potted tree? Planting things together? Noticing the wonderful 'clear' feeling in the house? Priceless.