Wednesday, April 13, 2011

see. this is what i mean....

...about why I feel compelled to take things like old shirts and turn them into useful hand sewn dishtowels.

Here are the guts and bowels of our house, spilled out all over the place. It's as if the house had too many jello shots and threw up all over the patio:

Here's another angle (please make note of my feeble attempt to keep things even somewhat lovely on the property by doing things like planting strawberries):


The killer-fun part of our new heating system that is going in?? It's not at all what the contractor described or how we envisioned it.

TheMostImportantGuy says it reminds him of the ducts from the movie Brazil.

Another fun thing is that they were to install a "chase" (like a vent/tube/box/thang) that they were to build inside of the hall/linen closet. I had the option of having them install it in the closet off to one side, or in the center rear of the closet. So I'd still have room to store linens and towels.

It is filling the ENTIRE closet.


And I do mean ENTIRE.

You open the door of the closet, and blammo! Wall to wall metal boxes. Neato.

So I guess to tomorrow's to do list I can add dickering with the contractor, yah??


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

Holy ductwork. So how would you know the difference if it were 'off to one side' vs 'in the center'?

I've dealt with a ton of contractors (it used to be my job); and while I know some who are great, it can definitely be an exhausting, frustrating experience! *hugs to you*

thestashattacked said...

Did that guy know what he was doing?! That is not "off to one side." Good word. If he fights with you about that definition, you can use the comments.

And your strawberries look lovely.