Saturday, April 23, 2011

snaps on saturday (that were taken on friday)

There's a giant sycamore at the new/old house.

She sits just to the left of the driveway, close to the carriage house ("carriage house"?! cute!'s the city that refers it is the carriage house, and I'm fine with that! Way cuter than calling it the "in-law unit")

JimTheTreeGuy doesn't use a cherry picker.
He's Ol'Skool.
He climbs.

Very fun to watch.
A sort of crazy combo of Spiderman meets Grizzly Adams meets Ax Men.

Also from yesterday:

Passover dinner at my mom's (and yes, our seder is casual enough that I got away with knitting at the table).

Three observations I made this year:

1) Fourty-four years, have I been on this planet, and probably fourty-four seders have I been to, and never once have I moved beyond my ignorance to ask what "murrain" was when we read the list of the 10 plagues. I only looked it up this year because I had the iPad handy.

2) I don't know how to cook this meal, and I need to learn, so I can be a grown-up and take over for my mom.

3) MyFavoriteKid brought his buddy with him to the meal, and when the kids got up from the table to hunt for the afikoman, I asked my dad where he hid it, and he didn't answer me...but instead looked at me with the face that let me know that I was still one of the kids that should be looking for it. Once a kid, always I kid, I guess. Hahahaha.


Peppermint Mocha Mama said...

Did you find it?

Gray said...

Did he give you gelt for finding it?


(Yes, I'm still around after all these years because I love your blog. I'm just quiet these days. Thanks for the thoughtful writing!)