Thursday, June 23, 2011

out out out !!! in in in !!!

After four months, "Phase One" of the renovations on the new house (the main house) are finally done today. Even though construction will continue on the in-law unit, and even though our handyman will still be coming in to do a-little-bit-of-this and a-little-bit-of-that, and even though there will probably be things being done to the exterior of the house, the big stuff inside the house, for now, is finally over...and it's over enough that TheMostImportantGuy can start moving in.

For the last week or so, every time I walk through the place to check on things, I walk past the painter's buckets and boxes and tarps full of whatnot, and I keep finding myself wanting to yell, "OUT OUT OUT!!!!!" (Well, actually...I don't find myself wanting to yell it---sometimes I actually do yell it. hahahaha.)

It's not that I have anything against the painter. It's just that he's just the last dude working this phase of construction, and...I WANT HIM OUT! OUT OUT OUT!!

I did arrange for a little special something to be brought IN IN IN to the new house, though. "He" arrived this morning in a FedEx truck (gee, he is soooo versatile, and he is such the worldly traveler LOL):

It's a new statue of Buddha for the house :-)

One of the first things I plan to do at the new house....hopefully tomorrow, with any to re-establish the practice area in the sunroom studio. If not tomorrow, over the weekend for sure. I have to see what sort of mess the paint crew left behind and how long it will take me to clean up.

I don't need "stuff" around me in order to practice. Meditating is more of an inside job, eh?? But I love having a dedicating practice area, and I am really looking forward to putting our little space back together again, and oh my....may I remind you that the sunroom studio will also give me a place to work on dance stuff?? And can I now tell you that over this summer, KarenTheDancingLurker and I are turning our regular dance class time into something more like a performance workshop series, so that by late summer/early fall, we'll all have new solo works to present....and now I will have a place to rehearse them outside of class??!! Squeeee!!

By the way, one of these things hold a candle to the fact that TheMIG will be moving into the house, mind you.... because that is just the biggest (and best) deal of all :-)


Mouse said...

Gorgeous buddha statue! Congrats to the MIG on the move in- I can't wait to see photos@!