Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the little sump pump that could (?)

Very intense and unseasonal rains here today. The weather dude said this year marks the wettest June since 1884! Gah!

It's also the first year for either one of us owning a home with a swimming pool...and a pool that now dons a pool cover, no less (read as: the cover fills up with water and gets weighed down, potentially ruining it at a great expense).

It was about seven or eight hours into the downpour when I realized that neither one of us had remembered that during the rains we are supposed to throw this miniature sump pump thingy out onto the center of the pool cover, and it is supposed to be connected to both a power cord and a drainage house so the water can be sucked off before you damage the rather expensive fabric of the pool cover. I drove over there panicking most the way about it, and within minutes of being out of the car and in the backyard, there I was: the one-legged wet-rat lookin' lady dragging hoses and power cords around in the mud, on crutches....using one crutch even (while balancing precariously on the other, while standing in a puddle) to push the sump pump out into the center of the pool cover.

Look at the poor little pump! Almost entirely submerged! Eeep!!

So there I was, in the downpour, attempting to pump water off the cover and into what we call TheBack40 of our yard (which as far as I'm concerned really needs a duck pond. And ducks.) And I'm hopping back and forth between the pool TheBack40 in the pouring rain making sure the whole thing is still working and that the pump is not drowning itself. (And let me mention that the insulation subcontractors were back there working on in-law unit which is right next to the pool, and they even waved hi to me, but didn't bother to gimme a hand. Asses. Although I guess I deserve it, given I always fight so fiercely for my independence.)

Anyhow. I think the pool cover is gonna be okay. TheMostImportantGuy is gonna take a closer look at it when he gets home tonight.

I really do not want to be the type of person who sticks little checklists and reminder notes up all over the place, but....I think until this new house becomes routine, I might just need to do that!