Tuesday, August 09, 2011

knittin' pimpin' shoppin'

A good day in the knitting department! I ripped and re-knit the off track shawl that was missing some increases. Here it is after Clue #2, sitting and waiting for the release of Clue #3:

That one above right there is v.1, the smaller version.
I also caught up on v.2, the larger version.

Sorry for the craptastic photo that doesn't even show the true colors.
Chalk it up to my feeling like I must photograph my knitting and show it to you, even if it is in the dark. Silly.

Edited to add better/in-the-light-of-day photo:

I'm really liking how this is turning out so far, although I'm a bit concerned about how the rest of the variegated yarn is going to play out in the next clue. So far we only have a wee little patch of it. I hope it doesn't disappear entirely. I probably should have chosen something with a bit more contrast.


Do you guys know about the Fiber Beat Podcast??
I'm a huge fan.

Of course I must be honest and admit that the only reason I am finally announcing my fan-ness on the blog today is because WonderMike (the host extraordinaire) has a contest going....but seriously....I've been listening to this podcast since it's inception. Many an interesting interview has already taken place (I mean, how often do you get to hear from Kaffe Fasset??!), but if you are Ravelry fan, do take note that a new episode was released today featuring Jess & Casey....it's so new, I haven't even listened to it yet. But I did listen to the last episode, which was all about the Bohus knitting tradition....and I loved it. I'm a big fan of learning about historical knitting and cultural knitting traditions.

If you want to check out Fiber Beat, you can click on the link above, or here's an iTunes link, oh and hey...there's also a Ravelry Group.

Pimp complete ;-)


I was finally able to get to IKEA today and pick up two of the several bookcases that will go into the craftroom at the new house. Woot! It's been a long wait.

Here's how things were supposed to go. Floors were refinished and painting was complete at the end of June. TheMostImportantGuy moved out of his loft and into the house by July 1st, but he (very graciously) stayed at my place for a few days, and waited to spend the first night there until we could stay there together. The 4th of July weekend was our first weekend there, and that following week I had a date with the handyman to meet me at IKEA with his big Sprinter van to pick up the furniture for my office/craftroom.

Well, the 4th of July was when the dog was attacked, and.....well, I have nothing more to say on that if you are behind on the dog situation. Just scroll back. It's all I've written about for a month LOL.

Point is, I never got furniture, and that room is empty. And really, I haven't been at the new house for more than an hour or two the entire month. TheMIG however, has moved in. And the few times that I've gone into the new house, it has felt like.....well....it's felt like I am intruding. There is so much of him there, and none of me there, and it's no fault of his, it's just that I haven't had any time there....but it's been really hard on me to feel like I'm sneaking around his house or something.

So going to IKEA today to pick up a couple of bookcases? Yay!

Of course now I have to assemble them.
But still.
It's a start.


Gina said...

Yes, the thrill of assembly. I bought a bed frame from Ikea in February but didn't even attempt to assemble it until June. My guilt was relieved, however, by the cartoon on the front of the instructions that had a sad cartoon for a person going it alone but a happy cartoon for two people doing it together. It was definitely easier having my son help with the assembly when he was home for a few days. Good luck putting together your bookcases.

WonderMike said...

Hey Bonnie!!! Thanks for the lovely exposure for Fiber Beat. We do so appreciate the opportunity and your continued support. xoxoxo, ~WM