Wednesday, August 24, 2011

so tired the day was a little blurry

Suuuuper tired today.

Was up all night because one of the cats, MrDufus...oh, whoops, I mean MrDarcy...didn't come in by bedtime. It's been very warm here, so I slept with all the windows open, and I was woken up on several occasions by the sounds of cats screeching and fighting. He finally made it in around 4am, but that was only after he'd woken me up at 1, 2:30, and 3.
Ass cat.

Then I climbed Mt Laundry (I will never understand how everyone's individual hamper fills up at exactly the same time as all the towels need to be run).

And then I spent quite a bit of time at the hardware store, a place I am apparently visiting a bit too often, because the staff is now recognizing me and our renovation projects.

Not much time knitting lately, which saddens me....but hopefully a bit tomorrow at least when I lead the knitting group at the senior center.


Karen said...

oooooooo, I commiserate with you on the cat front. I am constantly telling the Man NOT to let the little so and so out after dinner because she won't willingly come in until the middle of the night. We have motion lights all around our house and she turns them all on, eventually sitting at the back door bawling until I wake up.