Sunday, October 23, 2011

because sometimes we just need to vent.

A random list things that caused me stress this week:

* Videos depicting the last moments of Muammar Gaddafi's life. It made me sick (and yes, I know I can turn off the television, and yes, I did...but in only one viewing, the damage had been done, trust me). I don't care how bad a person is, it freaks me out to know someone's last moments were spent dying with that much anger surrounding them, and I am guessing equal parts fear within them. The reason it makes me so sick is because it touches the part of me that was also near death, and I experienced much fear during those moments myself. It sucks.

* Photos of all the dead escaped/wild animals that had to be taken out in Utah**. I watched an interview of Jack Hannah who was there on-site as it was all happening, and it made him sick too. From the sound of his voice, I think it maybe scarred him for life, actually. At least Hannah explained why the animals needed to be taken out, given the circumstances and resources. But by that point it had really messed with my head.
(**OOPS, I meant Ohio, not Utah...thanks thestashattacked for pointing out my error. That's what I get for typing so late at night. Four letter states beginning with vowels all become one LOL).

* Earthquake central. We had two earthquakes here on Thursday (which, oddly enough, was Earthquake Preparedness Day), and both quakes were centered in Berkeley. The first one I was at home for, and I did not feel it, but the second one....whooo boy. I was in Berkeley that night to teach dance class. We were doing something like a meditative mat warm-up and there was this smacking/crashing sound and it felt like a truck had hit the side of the building, and then there were several small shakes, big enough to rattle the racks for the studio lighting made out of solid metal pipes. We freaked out a bit, had to make a circle for a few in the middle of the room and have what I refer to as a KumbayaMoment together. Then we found ourselves unable to continue as planned. What we had planned to work on was just too linear, and none of us were feeling it, so we had a night of improvised movement for almost and hour, with some instructions to work with color (in our imaginations) as if we were painting with our feet or hands, or whatever other body part, while dancing. Much better.

* Being called a bitch, by someone I care about. Tell me I'm being a bitch, tell me I'm acting like a bitch, but do not ever call me, "a bitch". No matter how mad you are at me. It makes me feel like I cannot trust you, and it makes me cry. Lots. Thank you. The end.

* The cookie fiasco. Written about here. It was definitely a low point in my week, no matter how interesting of an experiment it was. It stressed me out.

* PMS Overload. Ooooo, it was bad this month (and probably explains why I was craving cookies), including things like getting in the car and crying my eyes out to music I normally find uplifting.

Lots of good things happened this week, too....but most were time consuming or draining emotionally. It was just an energy suck sort of week for me!


thestashattacked said...

Wait, didn't the animals escape in Ohio? I live in Utah, and I'm pretty sure I'd have seen that on the news.

Karen said...

Hopefully to add a little humor to your day, we had an earthquake in NY a few months ago. My niece just started her freshman year of college and had been out for the evening with all her new friends. You know where this is going, right? She had some big outdoor orientation thing the next day and was sitting on the ground nursing her first hangover. And then the earth shook. And she thought it was part of the hangover. Never even occurred to her that it might be an earthquake. And people started saying "wow, we just had an earthquake" she was like "no, I'm just really hungover". Cracked me up!

Kathy said...

Some of those media events were truly, truly upsetting to see. Yeesh.

not supergirl said...

I feel the same way about those first two items. I haven't even seen any of the video footage of either, and they both make me sick. Terror isn't a good enough state for ANYONE to be in when they pass from this state to whatever's coming up next. No.