Monday, December 05, 2011

just so you know who i'm dealing with....

MyFavoriteKid says that I blow "everything" out of proportion, and he insists that I make an annoyingly big deal out of things that he believes to be trivial. (Like say, a missed homework assignment. Lo, the gap between parent and child.)

For weeks he has been trying to build a case for how out of whack I am, stopping me mid-sentence anytime I say anything that sounds even remotely exaggerated.

This is an actual conversation that took place between me and my 14-year old son in the car at 6:45am on the way to school:

Me: " can you please close the lid on the box of band-aids so it doesn't explode all over the place?"

MyFavoriteKid: "See what I mean??!!!! MOM, you exaggerate about EVERYTHING!!! A box of band-aids does not explode!"

"Well, I disagree. I mean sure, it wouldn't be like a bomb went off or something. But have you ever seen what happens when a box of band-aids gets turned upside down and 48 band-aids go "*spwloosh*" all over the place??! It happens to be about as exploded as a box of band-aids can get."

"It's still an exaggeration.

"Well, you call it an exaggeration, I call it using colorful language. "

"WELL, should
really call it a hyperbole. And the definition of a hyperbole is EXTREME EXAGGERATION. So therefore....



And that is the teenager I am dealing with ;-)


Helen said...

Where's the funny (1) button again?

~Donna~ said...

When he's a Dad, he'll be saying the same about HIS teen - and then realizing - damn, did I do this to my Mom? Oh yeah, I did.


Is one of the many joys of parenthood - knowing that someday they too will go thru the exact. same. thing.

And we'll just sit back and chuckle.

Gwen said...

I see my future.