Tuesday, December 06, 2011

something that made me happy today

I ran into a post on Ravelry in the Mindful Knitters forum:

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to a short film (six minutes long) I made as part of the fall ango (intensive training period) in the Mountains and Rivers Order, where I am a student. Each ango, we have an art practice assignment, usually coming out of a text by Dogen. This time the assignment was to work with this:

In stillness, mind and object merge in realization and go beyond enlightenment. Nevertheless, in the state of receptive samadhi, without disturbing its quality or moving a single particle you engage the vast buddha activity, the extremely profound and subtle buddha transformation.

Eihei Dogen, Bendowa (The Wholehearted Way), 1231AD

And here is my project, titled Spinning/Nonspinning.

Hope you like it!

Spinning Nonspinning from Robyn Love on Vimeo.

(hint: I loved it)