Wednesday, December 14, 2011

let's face it.

I do not see any opportunity on my horizon to have someone take decent snaps of me in that new sweater I finished last week. So here are the photos that I do have: one taken with arm stickin' out holding the camera, a couple taken into the mirror in the bathroom, one shot from behind taken by one of the senior knitting ladies, and one of it laying out on the counter (not necessarily in that order).

Not great, but it's all I have ;-)

Here's the details on Ravelry.

Oh. And I just whooped that little lace thing into submission.
She's blocking now ;-)



It's beautiful! I don't care who you are or who took the pictures!

Linda said...

I'm impressed by your snazzy sweater with the surprise in back. Congratulations on such an FO, despite all that you have going on.

Mouse said...

Gorgeous! I really love the little clasp things on it.