Tuesday, December 13, 2011

slightly defeatist

I'm sorry that some of you had a craptastic day yesterday, too...but thanks for telling me that I was not alone. Sometimes that just helps.

I really thought today was going to be a repeat. My day started by reaching into my purse for something only to discover that a tube of muscle rub had exploded all over the inside of my bag. Yay, me.

I did rip back the knitting. I don't ever mind ripping something back to might it just-so. It was just that this project was lace, and I had already picked up and knit along one long edge, and then I had also unzipped a provisional cast-on and picked up and knit through that, too. If you don't knit, I'm speaking Greek, but the translation is: it wasn't just simply undoing some yarn. Anyhow, I got 'er back to where it needed to be in order to make the silly thing longer. But then I sat there staring at it, threw my hands in the air, and then cast-on instead for a big fluffy super bulky scarf in an overly simple stitch pattern.

Because sometimes you just need simple.


~Donna~ said...

I don't know what is going on in the universe but this morning was my own little piece of suck. Again. Luckily it got better after lunch.

Tonight it was all about the simple.

Yummy soup, butt on couch covered in squishy soft blankies, and Viggo.

Tomorrow I'll deal with the big wad of KNOT that came out of the center of my fingering weight yarn cake.