Wednesday, January 18, 2012

a brief update

I had the doctor's appointment today for my back, finally. She did enough poking and prodding around to determine that it is not believed to be structural (*phew!*), but that it's muscular.

Exactly as I had suspected, it probably originated from the neck (I had an incident in August and the neck hasn't been quite right since then, either), and all things being attached, the issue has no migrated into the area of my right shoulder blade. As I also suspected, it is the muscle that runs from the spine, underneath the scapula/shoulder blade, wrapping around my ribs. In other words, it's a muscle that can't be directly massaged nor can topicals be applied to it...because it is under a bone!

See called over to the physical therapy department, and one came over and met me for an assessment. She also confirmed it was muscular and originating from the neck. She did a little work on it and showed me some exercises and stretches to do until they can get me set up on round of PT appointments to do some deeper work. I was given some new anit-inflammatories, too.

So all is good, in that I feel like I was taken care of and set on the path of recovery, but.....nothing has really changed much for the moment. I'm still in quite a bit of pain, but smiling through it with gritted teeth, trying not to let you know that I feel like I am living inside a torture chamber or something.

I'm also horribly hormonal with pms today, and so I'm getting all sappy and teary-eyed about it all whenever I have a moment alone. It kinda sucks.

In much happier news, the new knitting group met up last night at the sports bar, and I thought it went fabulously. We had 8 people just by word of mouth, and now that we are certain that the lighting is good and it's not too loud and that the management didn't mind separate checks and all that, well...we're going to list it Ravelry and also put a little poster up in the bar on their bulletin board.

A local knitting group. Ahhhhhhh. One that is only minutes from home and at a time I can actually attend. I have been hoping for this for years, and I sure hope it sticks! Whee!

please excuse typos.....
I blame them all on the pain meds! ;-)


(formerly) no-blog-rachel said...

I'm glad you found the problem and that you're on the path to feeling better. And yay for local knitting! XO

Unknown said...

Hurrah for the sports bar! Between trying to find well lit places for my writing group to meet, and the local Dr. Who fan group's long quest to find a place that is willing to accommodate a large group and let us pay as we go with separate checks, I know what a gem you have there.