Wednesday, January 25, 2012

laundry list

You know the place:

You look at all the little troubles and situations going on in your life, and when you think about each one individually, it's just...not a big deal. Everything is pesky, or requires a little extra time or attention, or maybe it's even a doody thing, but you're trekkin' on through.You know that, right?

And then one day you look at the list of all of them, and then you realize...holy crapoli! Things are a freakin' mess!!

Today was the day the list was tallied up. A good friend made the silly mistake of asking me how I was doing, and I listed 3 or 4 things, and she said something like, "Oh, no!" and I said something like, "...and that aint the half of it."

Thing are seriously stacking up in my life.

I am in not feeling well, and everything is tainted by pain right now.
We are one year into remodeling an entire house and it's in-law unit, and we are just getting to the kitchen and bath of the main house, and we have fired our contractor and are switching to a new one.
My dad has a new medical issue developing that occupies a good amount of my brain space. MyFavoriteKid has been home sick from school for two days.
One of the kitties has had the trots for over a month, and after 2 weeks of treating the wrong cat, we are now settling in for two weeks of treating the right one (ie multiple force feedings of liquid nastiness with pills thrown down the throat for good measure).
The dance troupe has an upcoming performance, choreography being built ground up.
I am flailing around trying to feed myself things that I am not allergic to (which turns out to be enough to make feeding me a royal pain in the arse).

...and I'm sure there is more, but I think you get my drift.

Any of these are normal life, shit happens, do-able sorts of things. But for me, things just always seem to stack up. And I actually think they might not be feeling so stacked up at all, if it weren't for the stabbing little pains in my back nagging at me all the while as I deal with everything else. Like I said, it just taints everything.

I would like to not be the public whiner here, but I use this blog to keep track of myself, and well...I am marking this here moment.

Life right now is a bit of a pile.

On a lighter note (ha. yah. RIGHT.) , I'm going to try something new out here on the blog, starting now:
Being Present I older man sitting on a folding lawn chair in his driveway in front of his open garage. In front of him was a very young child (I assumed to be his grandchild), 3 or 4 years old maybe, crawling into a kid-size "big enough I can sit in it and drive around" sized toy car. And the old man had the biggest most happiest smile on his face I have ever seen.

pardon the errors & typos, I have no desire to reread this ;-)


JohnK said...

I've noticed that pain can often make everything seem worse. It just nags at you and wears you down. It makes everything seem like it's piling up. I'm thinking of you and hoping things feel better soon. xxoo

Linda said...

If you only wrote about sunshine and lollipops, your blog would be meaningless. Your honesty is admirable: would that I could be so frank, so that others weren't having to GUESS what I'm thinking! I am sorry for the turmoil, body and soul, that you're experiencing. You've been through awful pain before, and have triumphed, so I see (reading here) that you have the resources to help you through this. Your blog is a great shot in the arm to me.

Helen said...

If it's any comfort, you're not the only back / hips still aren't right, the septic tank overflowed, the drain is blocked, the chimney is full of yuk which means undoing the plate at the bottom and letting all the yuk out into the living room, work is doing my nut and the courier can't seem to deliver a simple parcel (2 weeks & counting.) Added to my accountants screwing up and my car insurance is due...meh! I got to ask though, how did you manage to treat the wrong cat??? I have to admit, I LOLed at that one ;-)