Monday, January 23, 2012

ohhhhh the minky-ness!

That hat is dry (and so is the weather outside, but MAN, did it pour last night!)

Here's my new favorite thing:

This is the Monkey Bread hat by Anne Hanson of Knitspot, and it was an easy fun knit. So fun, that I'm going to knit this hat again, but as a complete set with the matching scarf this time, because sometimes it's just nice to be matchy-matchy. And besides, I really need...and I do mean excuse to work with this yarn again.

Loooook at it!

That is 70% mink (no minks harmed in the making of this hat, so they tell me) and 30% cashmere. How luscious is that?!?! The finished hat is a light and airy fuzzy soft mass o' goodness.
I am in love.

I can't say enough about this yarn. For starters, it's from a smaller independent company called Great Northern Yarns (website/rav group), and I love supporting this type of business. Secondly, the yarn is just amazing. When you see the skein it looks nice and all, but it's not nearly as impressive as what you will find in your end product. The yarn is has a bit of remnant spinning oil still on it (not that you'd notice or be bothered by it while knitting, though). What you do notice as you knit though, is that the yarn starts to fluff up as the oil starts to works its way off. The wonderful resulting texture is enhanced by the wash and rinse done when you're finished knitting.

So I've been bitten by the mink-bug (although I hope the poor minks don't have bugs LOL), that four more skeins of this yarn just arrived this afternoon in the colorway "Peacock", which is nice teal-y turquoise-ish blue. I'm offf to go wind it up a skein right now and get this scarf rockin' and a rollin'.

Here's a link to my ravelry project page for the hat.