Monday, March 12, 2012


I am about two-thirds the way done with this wrap/wide scarf I have been working on for a couple of weeks. What a sea of white it is!! It's blinding! I'm getting a little sick of it, to be honest, and I've been verrrry tempted to cast-on with something more colorful and less sheep-y. But I really want to get this done so I can wear it! The last time I made something like this for myself, it ended up going to TheMostImportantGuy.

Ohhh, the poor MIG. He is so sick, he even stayed home from work today, and that never happens (seriously, I think I've seen him call in sick maybe twice in 8+ years). As for me, I'm doing great (finally!!). I even got out to the zen center today, and then spent a bunch of time in the kitchen cooking up some healthy goodness to pick at for the next day or two. MyFavoriteKid seems like he's feeling much better, hopefully once TheMIG gets through his rotation, we're done for awhile.


Pickyknitter said...

I had a chat with the peeps at work the other day about how no one can use the word "persistence" anymore and it has been replaced with "sticktoitiveness". Yet they claimed they had never heard this abomin- errr, word. I now have proof!

Also, I love your sea of white. You can pretend you are on the KnIditarod.

Gretchen said...

That is beautiful! I'm making the baby blanket, but i'm not that've inspired me to keep going. Hope everyone's feeling better!