Tuesday, April 10, 2012

little snippets

from today:

* I got the kitchen sink out of my car. Woot! It was returned to the appliance store because we need a different model. The new one will come in a couple of weeks.

* I spoke to a friend today (was it KarenTheDancingLurker??) who said she read yesterday's post and imagined that my car looked like the family car in the Febreze commercial. I can't find a photo of that exact commercial, but it's in the same style as this one:

(and no, my car was not that bad! LOL)

* Since I was at the sports bar knitting group when I remembered to take them, I washed down my vitamins tonight with a beer and a jello shot. Seems a little counterproductive.

*MyFavoriteKid wants to get rid of his older game systems and get a PS3. A couple of days ago he said he didn't have enough money and asked if he could pay for half and if I would spring for the other half as an early birthday present (2 months early!). I said I think about it. Today he was all lovey dovey and nice and sweet, and when I realized he was buttering me up, I told him I was going to milk this as long as I could. He came home, counted his savings, and realized he has enough money saved up and doesn't need my help at all, and then he dropped the lovey dovey routine so fast I thought I had whiplash. Then he realized he needed me to drive him to go purchase the game system, and the lovey dovey behavior returned. I did not take him shopping tonight. I call times like these a teaching moment LOLOL.


~Donna~ said...

hahaha...maybe you should have kept it to yourself that you had caught on to him. I would have milked THAT. hahaha.

I think it's hilarious that kids don't realize we tried to pull the same thing on OUR parents.

I keep telling mine that I'm not so old that I don't remember what I tried to pull on his grandma.