Wednesday, April 11, 2012

maybe i just need a new look

Another hectic day. The kind that I swear is making my hair turn gray really really fast. Kind of like...if you remember....when President Obama won the election and his hair looked one way, and then he came out of those few first days in office when he had all those briefings, and he had gray streaks at his temples? Like, overnight?? Do you remember that??

My every-few-months appointment for a color job would have been this Friday afternoon, but my lovely teen just informed me tonight that I will have to cancel it. He needs me to pick him up after school at 3:30, help him get home super fast so that he can get eat a 4pm dinner, get into a tuxedo, and then get right back to school to board a buss by 5pm for an evening band field trip. And it's mandatory.

If it wasn't a tuxedo he'd be wearing, you can bet yer arse I'd tell him to deal with this himself and ride his bike, because I kind of want to ring his neck for not giving me this information sooner. But it turns out, honest to goodness, that the band teacher was slow to release the details. I have proof. The guy did it on facebook. Tonight.

Anyhow, no hair appointment for me, that's for sure. And rescheduling with her is going to be a bitch....she's a busy one. I'm too paranoid and uncoordinated to feel comfortable dying it myself (unless I can do it with Koolaid, like wool...?). I've never dyed my hair myself before.

Maybe I just need to go gray.


Jen Anderson said...

Oy. You get a touch up dye kit that comes with a little brush for just doing the roots. That could just tide you over until your appointment. Or just use a dye that washes out in a month if you're that worried.