Thursday, April 05, 2012

stiff as a board

Wow, I haven't bellydanced in ages! We took the last couple of weeks of December off and shut down class for the holidays. In January, I injured myself, so I took myself out of the role of performer for the March dance event, and instead put myself more in the role of witness, director, and quasi-choreographer.

What this means is that I have sat on my butt during dance class for 3-1/2 months until tonight, and holeeee moley, I am stiff as a board!!

(but NOT light as a feather. Nope! Just stiff!!)

I hope I'm able to work out the kinks and get my groove on by the end of the month because we're performing this piece again for a National Dance Week event, and I am going to take the place of another dancer who can't make this performance.