Tuesday, May 15, 2012

maybe this is why my tummy is feeling ooogy today

During my morning check-in on the kitchen at the new place, I discovered that a chunk of the cabinetry was about to be installed incorrectly. No fault of the guy installing. He's been operating off of TheTurkey's plans, elevations, and notes...which "ebb and flow" in such a way, of course, that they are not exact representations of what actually needs to occur to get this damn kitchen built. As he would have said, "You can't know what's going on in my head." Oy. Anyhow, new cabinet guy is awesome, and once I saw things were askew, he totally got it and things were re-set, but jeeeez...had I not been there sooner, it could have a been a lot of undoing. I have such a tummy ache tonight. It's probably just stress (well, and maybe because since I have been feeling stressed lately I haven't been making the best of food choices, either). When this kitchen is done, I swear the first thing I am going to make, as simple as it is, is a pot of pint and chammomile tea to calm my nerves!


Karen M said...

Freudian slip? Mint of tea or pint of beer. Me? I'd have both and pray the bathroom reno was done. You are in the home stretch now.