Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I am feeling melty. (melted?? whatever.)

Too many details to keep track of, between coordinating the kitchen remodel, dance class, MyFavoriteKid's end of year activities, etc etc etc (etc etc??)

My brain is so melty that I had to abandon my current knitting project (temporarily) for something even a complete beginner could knit. Seriously.  (or as MyFK would say, "srsly".)  I cast-on for a garter stitch shawl.  One that I know I will wear to death, so I am happy to knit it. But it is the most basic, meditative, back and forth pile o' knitting.

I am thrilled. 

I am using two skeins of yarn that have been sitting in a yarn bowl in my livingroom for way too long (years, I am sad to admit).  I was just waiting for just the right pattern. I am knitting this shawl/scarf/thingy in a dark chocolate color as the main, and a golden color as the contrast.  I can already tell you that I will wear it to death.

In other news, if you are following along, I haven't been able to make it to the hairdresser because I am slammed with too many things, and gray hairs abound.  Today my neighbor (the mom of MyFK's best friend) came over and cut my hair for $10 and helped me get a box of over the counter hair color onto my head.  $16.99 instead of I-am-afraid-to-admit-to-how-much.   Do that a couple of times, and it will pay for the fancy kitchen sink I picked out!! LOL