Thursday, May 17, 2012

what am i thinking not thinking?!

Today's schedule was a tight one.  MyFavoriteKid off to school by 8. An 8:30am to 9:30am meeting with the cabinet installer and the painter to make sure all was understood (because the cabinets arrived only primed and need to be painted...and the cabinet guy needs to finish by Sunday because the painting starts Monday).  Depart from the meeting to pick up my dad before 10am to go to radiation.  Straight to eaching at the senior center until MyFK gets out of school, who then gets taken for a haircut. Home for a minute, but then off to go teach dance class.

When I met with the installer and painter and they asked me how I was, I told them that my day was going to like a shit-storm of falling dominoes if one single thing fell out of place.  They laughed, and then my phone rang, and there you have it:  another domino.

James, the main guy I see at the convalescent hospital on Mondays, the guy whom I have been seeing weekly for, what....7 years or more now?....he called me from the hospital.  Not the convalescent hospital, the hospital  hospital, and he was confused because he woke up there and wasn't sure how he got there, except that the nurses were telling him that he blacked out Wednesday evening.

So I spent every single free moment in between all the other stuff I had to do, dealing with talking to nurses and his doctor and getting permission to help him from the administration (since I'm not family, but I'm all he's got).

And guess what I am doing this weekend?!!  I am going to the zen center for a long overdue 3-day mediation retreat!  Just in time to not be able to help with the hospital stuff, and just in time to not oversee the completion of the cabinet installation (even though we are now the general contractors). 

So instead of doing what probably really needs to be done....I'll be staring at the floor and meditation to "save all sentient beings"....rather than saving my own kitchen, my own friend in the hospital, and my own sanity.  In other words, I'll be staring at the floor thinking about why I am trying not to be thinking about the things I should be thinking about.

Seems kinda stupid.
But I'll send photos.


Pickyknitter said...

Good luck James... I'm pulling for you!