Tuesday, May 29, 2012

my little assembly line project

Tomorrow is the last meeting of the high school knitting club, and they are throwing themselves a little party.
I am supplying the party favors.

These buttons were made by the wonderful Laura of Slipped Stitch Studios.  She made 50 buttons for us that say, "I knit because I am smarter than you," and another 50 that have a ball of yarn plus the name of the high school and the knitting club (ACHS Hands-In-Motion).  I don't know if she did this on accident or on purpose, but Laura even made that second button in the school colors. Woot!

Anyhow, yesterday was my little assembly line project of packing up one of each button plus some candy its own little bag.  I also made 3 gift bags that the kids are going to raffle off tomorrow. Each bag has a couple of skeins of yarn, light up knitting needles, some stitch markers, and some really really cute scissors and tape measures that all look like little cartoon-y japanese animals.

I am really proud of what the kids accomplished this year.  They set up everything up and got themselves registered as an official a campus club. They elected officers, they collected donated yarn, they held fundraisers to cover expenses, they knit for charity and tracked their time doing so as community service hours, and they taught each other to knit.  Most of the time I was just there to fix mistakes, or to bring in things I had knit for inspiration. I also showed them how to use the internet as a learning resource....because honestly, there is no way I could ever teach all 62 kids during just our weekly 30-45 minute club meetings.

The kids rocked it, and I am really proud of them and all they have accomplished, and I hope they continue next year.