Wednesday, June 20, 2012

are we there yet??

If I'm getting sick of talking about the house, then I can only assume you are sick of hearing it...but what else is there to talk about when you blog daily and all you do is related to the house remodel?

Well, actually, today was a little different.  It was MyFavoriteKid's 15th birthday today!   It didn't pack the punch it normally does because his birthday party was two weeks ago, plus my parents came by last night with lemon meringue pie and a candle and we all sang happy birthday, so somehow today was like the culmination of MyFK's birthday month or something.

Anyhow, back to the house.  The electrician/plumber guy and the painter man totally knocked it out of the ballpark these last two days so the that appliance delivery could take place tomorrow, and that is where I will be.  The first wave of them comes in during a 7:30am-11:30am window, and the second set arrives between 12 noon and 4pm.  Why they couldn't tighten that up when they were all ordered from the same store is beyond me, but WhatchaGonnaDo, right?

I will sit and knit and watch things go in, and then I will have a real place to put orange juice for the first time since March.  There will still be goings on and finishing touches happening through the end of the month, but I am back to seeing a light at the end of this incredibly long tunnel, and I am...



The Bon said...

Happy happy happy belated birthday to the kid!! I can't believe how old he is now.