Tuesday, June 19, 2012

best & worst

I'm sure I have blogged about this before, but when MyFavoriteKid was little, every night we'd do this routine called "Best and Worst". We'd all share with each other the one very best thing that happened that day, and also the very worst....except that we perhaps should have called it "Worst and Best," because we always saved the best for last ;-)

Here are my Best and Worse from today.

Worse:  The hole in the ceiling is bigger.... 

....and the pipes inside are really really old (some of them possibly from when that bathroom was installed in the 1930's?)

Best: Well, the point of this exercise is identify the one best thing, but honestly, things are so craptastic right now, I think it's good to take note of as many good things as I can! So here are three!

Always a best: yarn in the mail, from the Knitspot crew, as part of the BareNaked Club.  This month's shipment came with pattern options for a hat, a shawl and/or a hap style square (there's enough yarn to do more than one project. 

Now I just need to decide which project(s) which size(s) and which colors to insert where.

Next best thing: making Cherry Brandy using cherries and lemons from my yard, a little sugar, Spanish Brandy, and some Amaretto.

The recipe is from Jerez, Spain....and I was a little surprised that when I went to BevMo for the brandy, lo and behold, there was brandy on the shelf from Jerez!  So I'm giving it a whirl ;-)

I have no idea if it's going to be any good until it's ready in 6 months, but I'll keep you posted.

One more best thing:  watching the cats out the front window, and watching my dogs go hysterical as they watch cats out the front window.

I actually think that this cat is feral and that he lives on the big hill behind the house.  Maybe not.  But here's the deal.  Almost daily, some cat or another from the neighborhood (including my own cats) will lay in this spot and roll around for awhile.

And my dogs go nuts the entire time, and the cats just roll around in the kitty scented dust bath or something.  And I love to watch them, mainly because I don't know for sure why they do it (I assume it's territorial, but I haven't asked them, and they wouldn't tell  me anyhow. First rule of Cat Club is you do not talk about Cat Club.)

So yarn, booze, and kittehs.  A triple dose of bests like that just has to make the worsts go away. Right???


Anonymous said...

Oh Bonnie,
loved your post re: Best/Worst. Very endearing to play the game with your Favoritekid! It often shows us that our Bests can often outweigh our Worsts, if we open to it. xo Janie Rose

The Bon said...

It looks like that brandy is going to be AMAZING!