Friday, June 15, 2012

still not the post i need to be writing...

...but whatcha-gonna-do.  I'm not sure if the headache started first or the anxiety attack about the kitchen, but those two things ended up being great bed partners, and they took over my whole day.   I have spent the day doing all the things I know to do that bring me back to a somewhat normal state, and I am finally there, but I am wiped out and heading to be because I have an early day.

I can show you a couple of  craptastic and poorly lit shots of where the kitchen is at, at least:

The bamboo countertop in the bar area has been installed, but I have to do the sealing of it this weekend.

The quartz countertops are in, the marmoleum flooring is in, and the tile backsplash is done.  The sink is in place, but not connected yet (I think that is happening tomorrow).

And the tile around the stove is done, including the decorative panel thang in the back, that I am going to need to describe in better detail later, because it's a cool reclaimed bit of history and worth a story.

That's all I got.  Well, that and pile of things I have on hand that make headaches go away ;-)


Anonymous said...

Looking good. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hope you feel better. xxoo

Love, Karen TDL