Saturday, June 16, 2012

snaps on saturday

As taken tonight at the new house:
A lovely photo of our bedroom ceiling....

...which for some reason is on the floor.


It would appear that the leak from the upstairs bathroom was not repaired as well as we were told it was (there was a known leak there when we bought the house...but we had it repaired, patched, and painted...sometime around March or April of last year!). So now, in addition to trying to get the kitchen done, we also have a plumbing issue, a ceiling that will need to be patched, and a wall and a ceiling both that will need repainting.  Hopefully there is no rotting wood involved also (more will be revealed tomorrow, I am sure),

Yay us!
I hope this is not some Candid Camera version of  The Money Pit Part II or something.