Tuesday, October 09, 2012

put a bird on it

This guy was making a racket today in my yard, hanging out in the cherry trees.

I know I owe the neighbor update, but the neighbor makes me nervous and causes me to lose lots of precious sleep, and I am exhausted.  Additionally, the next week and a half are crunch time for me with the dance concert coming. I spent most of today looking over and repairing costumes and props, then emailing all parties involved details about the upcoming tech rehearsal this Thursday.

I will tell stories soon, but I just gotta prioritize, and the concert has a much firmer deadline!


Donnaj said...

Sorry don't feel the pressure from me you need to get that show up I totally understand. I am gearing up for The NZ School of Dance graduation season and there is a lot to do, a lot of new things to make. I love this part of my work and I love dancers, they are so cool and work so hard and just get on with it. This applies to both the classical and the contemporary dancers. Sometimes I think I prefer working with dancers than actors (the other part of my work, teaching costume construction at NZ Drama School).