Friday, November 09, 2012

hello, it's me

Well, Teeny seems to be doing quite alright. Not 100%, but definitely improved.  I'm sure you don't come here for tales of doggiedoo, but there's no other way to update you without doing so, so whatchagonna do.

My best psychic dog whisperer guess is that she was already sorta backed up, then she got thwacked by the swinging door and was bruised pretty damn good, hurting her back (which the vet did verify was injured) which then made it painful for her to hunch up and do the duty (dooty?).  Well, pain meds, anti-inflammatories, stool softeners, and kablamm she dropped the bomb (actually a few bombs, and they looked like were from a much bigger dog, not a little 5 lb chihuahua...I have no friggin' idea how she even stored it all up).

Gross. I know. Sorry.

Anyhow, kablamm....and then she's running around like her old self (pretty much, she's still a little ouch-y when you pick her up, probably due to being squished in a swinging door).

In other doggie news.
Riley?  The one shot in the eye with a bb-gun by my neighbor because unbeknownst to me he was barking too much?  
Well, the DA's office called me at 4:45pm today to say, "Whoopsie!  We see we dropped the ball and forgot to send you a subpoena.  We need you to testify in court next Wednesday at 8:30am."


(and that's said sarcastically...but I suppose really, in the long run it probably is great.  It means we are closer to the finish line on this subject. Ugh.)

I'm off to grow freeze my buns off at the high school football game (playoffs!).  Earlier in the week it was record highs. On Monday it was in the mid-70's and we were on the patio for the convalescent hospital visits.  Today?  So cold that at one point it actually smelled like snow. 
At least I get to don the handknits!